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services designed specifically to bring you actionable insights!!


understanding the cause and effect relationship among these core areas reduces risk and uncertainty in the decisions you need to make to realize your goals

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Strategic Planning

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Performance Indicators

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Greater Than > Analytics is a full-service business intelligence consulting agency that is here to ensure your organization achieves its mission and margin objectives, securing its sustainability and relevancy in the market for years to come.   Customized techniques and methodologies perfected over twenty-five years of experience, that provides ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS and can be immediately implemented to your organization.   

At Greater Than > Analytics we combine our expertise in research and data analytics with our strong business acumen to provide our clients with innovative solutions that allows them to take their business to the next level.  

We begin by first understanding where your organization has been, what decisions were made and the outcomes of those decisions, allowing us to understand the causal relationships between internal and external variables.  We then take these insights and transform them into insights that our clients can take immediate action on. 

market - external factors analysis
(opportunities and threats)

Market-External Factors
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Understanding Consumer Trends:

  • Consumer Insight Research

  • Sphere of Influence Analysis

  • Awareness and Perception of Brand

  • Brand Demand / Category Demand Analysis

Market Landscape:

  • Demographic Landscape Trends

  • Competitive Landscape

  • Consumer Spending

  • Industry Trends

  • Societal / Culture Shifts

  • Market Penetration / Opportunities Analysis

  • Economic Factors

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Expansion Analysis 

  • Where and When Analysis

    • Site Expansion​

    • Product Expansion

There are multiple, constantly changing external factors, that organizations need to monitor to ensure they stay relevant in the minds of the consumer. 

Factors such as demographic trends, in areas such as age, income, ethnicity, consumer spending, competitive landscape, crime statistics, economic conditions and wants and needs of the market can be overwhelming for organizations to stay current on.


Aligning trends with how you price, promote and market your products, programs and services are essential if you want to succeed.  Equally important is to understand where your brand fits within the minds of the consumer.  

Whether your business is local or national in scope and reach, Greater Than > Analytics systematic approach is designed to keep clients current and relevant in the market today and into the future. 


operational - internal factors analysis
- risks and strengths -

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Culture and Staff Analysis:

  • Staff Engagement / Satisfaction Analysis

  • Staff Allocation Analysis

  • Staff Acquisition / Retention Analysis

  • Segmentation Analysis

  • Diversity & Inclusion

Sales and Performance Analysis

  • Lead / Prospect Analysis

  • Conversion Analysis

  • Product Performance

  • Category / Product Mix Performance Analysis

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Process and Procedure:

  • Operations Process Flow Analysis

  • Resource Allocation

  • Customer flow analysis

  • Customer to Staff Ratio Analysis

  • CRM Systems Implementation

Customer Experience:

  • Entry Point Analysis

  • Customer Satisfaction 

  • Customer Experience

  • Basket Size / Cross-purchasing Analysis

  • Length of Stay (per visit)

  • Life-Time Value

  • Customer Acquisition / Lead Analysis

  • Customer Retention / Length of Stay

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Product Alignment Analysis:

  • Product offerings

  • Cost / Benefit Analysis

  • Mission / Margin Alignment

  • Differentiation Appeal

Many organizations view their internal functions as independent to external factors, or wait too long to link the two together, often to severe consequences.

Regardless of where you being your journey with Greater Than > Analytics, we keep our core principles of everything and all things are interconnected in mind when conducting our analysis to bring you a deeper understand of why your performance is as it is and a clearer direction of what needs to occur to maximize outcomes and achieve your mission and margin objectives. 


Two key factors outside of the norm that often go overlooked is the connections between employee satisfaction & engagement to customer experience and a customer’s ability to "engage" with a product or organization moving beyond the transaction to becoming emotionally attached to it.

operational performance, which directly impacts sales and therefore financial performance. 

Examining processes and procedures to create an understanding / education that performing well does not mean that you are not maximizing results (i.e. you can be doing even better).

Adding or deleting products from your portfolio of offerings allows you to save money, maximize revenues and allows you to stay relevant and sustainability for years to come. 

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning / implementation
- Turning insights into A PLAN -

Effective Strategic Planning occurs when an organization has thoroughly examined both market and operational factors to make sure everything is aligned and working together to achieve maximum results.  The intersection between the two allows organizations to be highly efficient and proactively make decisions in this highly competitive and changing environment. 

Greater Than > Analytics, with over twenty-five years of applying both quantitative and qualitative research techniques, understands how to effectively and efficiently use internal and external information, to provide the needed insights to guide the strategic planning process for organizations.













Greater Than > Analytics doesn't leave their clients with questions about what to do next.  Our experience and expertise allows us to guide our client throughout the implementation phase, through a systematic, coordinated process to deliver the best plan in alignment with our clients objectives and timelines.

performance indicators
- tracking against objectives -


Once a plan is implemented, a critical next step is to establish metrics to track against the plan.

Performance Indicators are there to serve two primary functions:

1)  Track against core goals and objectives

2)  Become more proactive in the decision-making process - to course correct as needed to ensure goals / objectives are met or adjust them to capitalize on new opportunities.

Level Setting from our internal and external factor analysis provides baseline metrics to establish our performance indicators.  

However, with almost an infinite number of indicators that an organization can measure it is easy to get distracted by measuring the wrong ones, or not understanding when to act when trends are not performing as expected.

Our process allows organizations to understand the variables that are needed to appropriately measure against their strategic objectives, while keeping on an eye on other less dominant factors, that may impact long-term goals.  

Although factors will shift depending on size of organization you find yourself within, the following can be thought of as universal in nature.


  • Total Sales

  • Category Sales

  • Basket Size

  • Customer Type


  • Quarterly / Bi-Annual Review

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Market Analysis



  • Net Promoter Score

  • Experience

  • Sales Process

  • Quality of Product

  • Concern Resolution

  • Service

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Market Analysis
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Stock Market Quotes
Display of Stock Market Quotes


  • Efficiency Metrics

    • Staff & Operations to Customer Delivery

    • Upper / Lower Control Limits​

    • Profit and Loss Statements​

Friends in Fast Food Restaurant
Clapping Audience
Colleagues Working Together
Zero Waste Store
Gay Couple with Daughter
Girls with Hats
Midsection of man holding chair while st
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  • Economic

  • Societal

  • Influences

  • Market Wants / Needs

  • Industry / Category Trends

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