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Greater Than > Analytics starts with a natural curiosity and a desire to bring solutions or new perspectives to challenges that organizations may be facing.


The world is complex but understanding the root causes behind the events we witness is the first step to uncovering a solution.   

universal truth


Our process focuses on ensuring the four elements of any business or organization:  Mission, Margin, Relevancy and Sustainability.  When all four are working in harmony, success is truly realized.  

Laptop & Coffee

For us, the journey to Discovery usually begins with a sheet of Graph Paper and cup of Coffee...

listen,  observe and asking a lot of  questions

What?  Where? When? How?  The key here is to get a narrative of from those at the organization to level set and establish a baseline of understanding to assist us in our investigation.  One of the key questions is...

Working Over Coffee
Friends in Fast Food Restaurant
Clapping Audience
Colleagues Working Together
Zero Waste Store
Gay Couple with Daughter
Girls with Hats
Midsection of man holding chair while st
Car Through Wall Graffiti


Why is critical because it challenges us to dive deeper and look beyond the obvious for links or connections that may be difficult to find but lead to those Eureka moments.

design phase

Business Meeting
In a Meeting

Based on our analysis of the situation and understanding the objectives we design a methodology that will deliver actionable insights to our clients in order for them to accomplish their objectives.

exploratory data analysis (EDA)

Stock Market Chart

Gathering information from a variety of sources including but not limited to market data (primary research - consumer insight, demographics, relevancy metrics, geographic, economy, etc.) and operational data (staff / resources, process, procedures, product offerings, marketing, finance, etc.) to accomplish their objectives.

insight analysis

(looking beyond)

Monitoring Room

Diving deeper, connecting the dots that take the client on a journey of discovery that leads to the truth that will provide them solutions to meet their objectives.

Reporting / presentation


At Greater Than Analysis we go beyond delivering the numbers but create a story with the end revealing both the insights but also a road map to act, providing clear directions needed for strategic planning and development.

Male Speaker

strategic planning


Meeting Handshake

The Actionable Insights derived are designed to enhance and encourage a collaborative strategic planning process across and among core functional areas within the organizations...remember all things are connected and the actions of one department need to be coordinated with the others to optimize output against organizations mission and margin objectives.



At Greater Than > Analytics, if needed, we extend our services and expertise to assist organizations during the implementation phase.  Our expertise allows us to take insights into applied actions making sure T's are crossed and i's dotted going that extra mile for our clients.

tracking metrics


With the number of variables an organization acquires daily, it is critical to identify which ones are directly related to their strategic goals and how to appropriately measure them to make sure your efforts are performing against objectives.  Many organizations fail to identify their key metrics and spend time and money chasing and making decisions on the wrong metrics. 

man with tools
Analyzing Graphs
Typing on a Computer
doing work together
Market Analysis
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