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Mario F. Trescone

Owner, Business Intelligence, Research, Analytics & Insight Specialist

With over twenty-four years of experience working in the fields of consumer research, business intelligence and data analytics, for such industries as non-profit, retail and automotive, Mario’s unique blend of data analytics and research expertise combined with a strong business acumen, allows him to bring actionable insights to the decision making process regardless of the type or size of organization.


Mario holds a Master of Science Degree in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University, a MBA from Strayer University and a B.S. Degree in Business Administration from Wayne State University.  Mario has a minor degree and post bachelorette studies in both Psychology and Cultural Anthropology.


Mario is committed to bringing his expertise and experience to organization and helping them realize their potential and in achieving their Mission and Margin objectives, promoting their sustainability and relevancy in the communities they serve. 

"I started Greater Than > Analytics because I saw a lack of creative, innovative thinking in how quantitative and qualitative research and data analysis methods can be used to bring true actionable insights to organizations.  

Ultimately, I wanted to get back to what I truly love being a data scientist / business strategist, which is bringing unfiltered / unbiased thinking back in the decision making process. 


A key part of Greater Analytics is our culture, working with talented professionals that share the same passion for research and analysis and deriving insights, truth and ultimately helping organizations and people within those organizations succeed.  Working with people that  have the same high standard of excellence as we do. "

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